Fight Love Live is a Turn Based Dating Sim made in RPG Maker Mv for the 48hr Mix and Game Jam(2020). You've come to the town of Scrimmacy to find your one true love to harness that power in brutal combat to defeat the impending doom of the moon. Choose between three datable npcs-

Grill-A literal grill. This is the whole joke. Expect uwu speak.

Jhoe-Just your average joe, but with an h.

Shiba-Very mysterious, very doge.

Credit/The Team:

LoAvis:(me): Editing and work in the engine

Sherby: Writing and Art: sherbertday on twitter and instagram

Diego: Writing:


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WTF XD, no hablo ingles, de que es este juego? de conversar con los enemigos?

salir con enemigo