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Legacy of Aeroja is an abs rpgmaker game spanning 5 acts and a postgame. It follows Aeroja, a dragon born within the borders of mankind and faced with living among them as a shapeshifted human. Desiring to return home to the Dragon's Eyrie in the north, they are faced with centuries long issues plaguing their kind and their relationship with humans. Follow their journey as they grow from child to adult, a tale of greed and self reflection awaits.

Within is contained at least 10 or so hours of content provided you do everything.

Current version is likely rife with minor bugs or issues related to implementation of the plugin that do not break the core progression but are noteworthy and can break immersion or gameplay. Please report such things.

There is also one noteable bug that I believe is related to dying in dragon form and then pressing hotbar skills while not in an abs zone. Be careful about that, it can corrupt your save file and cause crashes whenever using skills!

LoA can also be found at Steam under Legacy of Aeroja(not yet released).


Legacy of Aeroja

A Game by The LoAvis.


Custom Music by Chau Dinh Le Hoang

Portfolio: https://linktr.ee/hoangchau.dl

Custom Art by Zachary Kozak.

Final Image Bg done via commission by William Cho.


QA Work by the following people:

Logan Z. Bennett

Jordan Douglas

Alex Blackburn

Zephyrus Mckinnon

Navalei Adams

Anthony Thompson

Special Shoutout to Chieron, Dex, and my other friends!

Alpha ABS Plugin by Phoenix_Ru.86/PhoenixKageDesu,

Steam Page: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/


Website: https://kdworkshop.net/plugins/alpha-abs/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA3R61ojF5vp5tGwJ1YqdgQ



Legacy of Aeroja is a non-commercial product. It is

not endorsed by the original license holder of the

ABS Plugin. Any changes made to the plugin fall under

the same license agreement as the plugin.

Fall Woods Tileset by SinisterDeath

Steam Page: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/


Legacy of Aeroja falls under a Creative Commons 4.0

Attribution, Share-Alike, and Non-Commercial License.



LoAV1.5.1.zip 410 MB

Install instructions

Download, then use a software that can open zip files and then open the shortcut titled "Game" in the uncompressed folder.

Development log