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Recent updates

.Progression Issue in act 2, transition to overworld, trigger not functioning properly, should be fixed...
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LoA Version 1.5 - Queer Games Bundle Update!
Hey all! I haven't gotten much progress on the definitive version, and I had planned to get it out by this time period for the Queer Games Bundle, however depre...
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Definitive Version and Game Plans Going Forward
Hey y'all, currently in the process of creating the Definitive Version of my game and then sending it off to move on to other projects. The goal of the definiti...
Version 1.2
Reworked the exp system to be less lucrative and lead to a harder game curve, fixed bugs causing encounters to give more exp than intended, buffed postgame boss...
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Various patched issues, including: One major progression issue, game can now be progressed from start to finish hopefully I s2g, a few minor bugs and immersion...
Small Text Update
.Updated two lines of text in act 2 town 2 between the sick old lady and her daughter to better match with character, themes, and the already supported narrativ...
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