Version 1.2

Reworked the exp system to be less lucrative and lead to a harder game curve, fixed bugs causing encounters to give more exp than intended, buffed postgame bosses and their uber counterparts, fixed various issues with certain parts of the campaign and the postgame, added gold to a few items that lose value after their respective acts. The game should overall be less of a curvestomp now, but the difficulty curve is untested, so feedback is appreciated.

.While the exp curve goes through a rebalance to deliver a more difficult experience, once said curve is perfected to have a middleground between difficult and moderately challenging depending on your level of side content, some further changes will be made to improve the overall writing of the game, fix any current issues, add in any game balance or economic balance, and then near the end of development of a new project send off the development of this game with one last content update to tie into said new game.

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Mar 20, 2022

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