LoA Version 1.5 - Queer Games Bundle Update!

Hey all! I haven't gotten much progress on the definitive version, and I had planned to get it out by this time period for the Queer Games Bundle, however depression, anxiety, and a variety of overall health issues popped up and fucked with my productivity. I'll still get it out eventually, but for now have half of a definitive version. This will still have bugs and balancing issues, it has barely been play tested! Patch notes below:


.Improved all combat encounters with all encounters having at least one map mechanic, some encounters given more than one

.Improved dialogue and story sequencing overall. Specific sequencing listed under individual acts

.Adjusted the exp and difficulty curve as well as adjusted the difficulty/stats of certain encounters

.Removed all additional flashes from rpg maker animations to help reduce the risk of triggering epilepsy and headaches, warning still remains just in case if someone is really sensitive albeit there shouldn’t be any real flashing lights left(if so, tell me and I’ll fix it or put a warning)

Act 1:



.Added worldmap area that unlocks after a certain event. Hidden boss + item from it

.Added additional story scenes with the characters

.Made some things more evident on where to go in chase scene(where to get to the cliff)

.Made the hunters faster if you get caught and in combat so as to make your death quicker

.Various minor adjustments

Act 2 part 1):



.Cut down on a lot of leike’s dialogue and added an additional scene with her seeing you off

.Added four npcs with more commentary on the world and culture, one npc dropping an item after her dialogue

.Added an additional hidden section in the dungeon

.Various minor adjustments

Act 2 part 2:



.Added Lake area, cave area, and a climbing area with enemies and items attached to them, as well as two new npcs related to those areas and foreshadowing to one of those npcs at the start of this part

.Added mini story-focused quest line with a reward at the end

.Improved captain character, added a moment to ask some questions to better flesh out said character, and added another story scene before night hits to build up later characters and change the direction of the act 2 story.

.Changed the act 2 final boss to a new character, from the Captain to Juon, changed story scenario around that

.Various minor adjustments


Act 3 part 1:



.Changed Idar’s character and dialogue greatly and added additional character building scenes

.Added two additional combat encounters and corresponding rewards

.Added a bit more to the branch scene and made things a bit more clear that there are differing routes without clearly spelling it out, adding clarification on number of dragons and some additional juicy lore bits

.Added additional items to find and one mini area with enemies and corresponding rewards to the north overworld area

.Various minor adjustments

Act 3 Idar:


.Added additional cosmetic as payoff for scene from part 1

.Edited a certain Idar cutscene to make you lose all but 1 hp

.Addition of one other optional area to go to before going to the cliff section, has stuff on idar

.Added two more worldmap items to find in the starting section, one w/ combat encounter behind it

.Added one more worldmap item to find in the middle section + combat encounter w/ some world fleshing out not through just Leike(but she does comment on it)

.Added one more worldmap item to find in the top section + combat encounter w/ some world fleshing out not through just Leike(but she does comment on it)

.Vastly changed talk with the gray dragon after events with Idar

I am still not yet done with all the additional combat additions to Idar's part of Act 3, and I haven't touched Nameless' part yet either. However this adds a lot of the changes to the main campaign. A lot of stuff is still incomplete, such as the continuation of the plotline for the people in act 2 part 1 and a variety of other general story changes, however I'm trying to make leeway as I improve my own health and situation and also have to balance a big writing gig currently. If there's anything in here off, be it bugs, balance, or in-story stuff that's handled poorly, let me know! I want to make sure the game is as good as possible and that it has positive messages and representation, but I do just be one gal. Very open to constructive criticism/changes.

Anyhow I talked long enough :> enjoy the patch if y'all be playin it! And if you're new, hello ;3.


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Jun 01, 2022

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